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Tyler, The Creator

3 years ago

whats the point of being rich when you wake up alone
whats the point of going home when it aint nobody there
fuck that i grab my bike and phone home in the air
and i pedal through the city with the wide frame steer
with that tall pale boy that i met last year
grape, thats what i call em, love, thats what i fall in
fell in i aint like sports growing up but now im balling
i guess im a late bloomer
high tide bottoms cause the neck on lunar
them GOLF le FLEUR unos cause, we dont do puma
thats 20k pairs, gone in 3 seconds
you aint gotta like him and you aint gotta respect him
for playing chess with these niggas
that think that theyre bench pressing
leg day is getting skipped, guess who really running shit?
young teezy it aint easy lungs wheezy in this bitch
new slaves got yall niggas feeling breezy on the ship
pour a fanta in your poison so its easier to sip huh?
my shit leaked two weeks before that release date
first week, did dos, 1,000 off ,beat meek
shout out meek! two niggas first week top 3!
i cant even get a song to play on the radio
but trippled in them ratings tv channels still pay me tho
pharrell told me not to trip
i am in my ziploc
feel like i got the best album out
i know i got the best album out
PHOTO: petro koublis
BEAT: 4:44 by Jay-Z

jet HOLLYWOOD_ 4 seconds ago
The pain never ends.
Jonnathan Mosqueda
Jonnathan Mosqueda Hour ago
Tik tok ruined another song bruh .
Victor Morales
Victor Morales 5 hours ago
why isnt this on apple music?
13atman 6 hours ago
Never would’ve thought Tik Tok picked this song lol
Boop 9 minutes ago
This shit has always gone hard i’m glad it got recognition
Nikai Mifsud
Nikai Mifsud Day ago
Why isnt this on spotifyyyyy(i know its bc its pretty much 4:44) but still:(
Apollo Phoenix
Apollo Phoenix Day ago
What is the sample
Boop 2 days ago
Gives me wolf vibes. I love. Also reminds me of father stretch my hands by kanye lol
Family Pies
Family Pies Day ago
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 2 days ago
Why is this not on Spotify bruh
Boop 2 days ago
Elyjah Williams-Morris
Elyjah Williams-Morris 2 days ago
bro ive listend to this song so many times i can say the whole thing without needing the lyrics
CCrumpits 4 days ago
Anyone els hear some heavy MF DOOM inspiration
lampswitch 4 days ago
Tyler was just like imma piss everyone off and not put it on Spotify or Apple Music
Kidd 5 days ago
That sample is fucking golden
austins house
austins house 6 days ago
im so happy i was here before tiktok
Νικολέτα Τ
Νικολέτα Τ 6 days ago
anyone from tik tok ?
Zuwi. 6 days ago
Ho come to here from tiktok xDDD
Aaron Kessler
Aaron Kessler Day ago
@? what do you want? bruh you can still enjoy this song tho..
? what do you want?
? what do you want? 6 days ago
Your the type of people that ruin this song
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy 7 days ago
Mike Silverii
Mike Silverii 7 days ago
Glad I was here before tiktok
The angry AT-AT
The angry AT-AT 7 days ago
200.000‘th like 😁😁😁😁 What an incredible feeling seing the 199.999 and then that 200.000 🥺 so beautiful
Colin Coulombe
Colin Coulombe 7 days ago
Not on spot ?
PlayaMade Dez
PlayaMade Dez 7 days ago
if u came from tiktok please leave
far_playz 7 days ago
tree kinda looking thicc
yeny carmen
yeny carmen 7 days ago
sanai orwhatever.
sanai orwhatever. 7 days ago
ziploc bitch
Doomer Jacob
Doomer Jacob 8 days ago
They’re mocking me, in between them thighs smh
Cami Tej
Cami Tej 8 days ago
Swaran Bains
Swaran Bains 8 days ago
The lyrics Jay brought was good but not relatable- the beat carried it but Tyler bodied this . Sorry
Swaran Bains
Swaran Bains 8 days ago
Y’all realise he can’t upload it bc it’s a Jay Z song right or
Ochitsukaseru !
Ochitsukaseru ! 8 days ago
Man I wish this was on spotify 😔🙏
Terrifier 9 days ago
How the heck did barley hear this
TroyTrolls 9 days ago
Tree looks like a frog what yall on?
???????????? 9 days ago
damn this isnt on apple music😢
Smoke Dummy0
Smoke Dummy0 9 days ago
What’s the point of being rich if you wake up alone
ash 10 days ago
TSR6 10 days ago
WatersideGaming 10 days ago
🦵 👨 🦵
Stray 10 days ago
oh how i wish i was grape...
That one SPICY Dorito
That one SPICY Dorito 10 days ago
Gorilla tree say OOGA BOOGA
Spectre 11 days ago
sorry but this is better than the original i love jay-z but this is better than 4:44
Andrey Melnichenko
Andrey Melnichenko 11 days ago
Tree looks like gorilla doing bong
Raptor12 11 days ago
This song brings pain
RebelMonroe 11 days ago
Gili Ronen
Gili Ronen 12 days ago
Best song I have ever heard
Piss On my Balls
Piss On my Balls 12 days ago
Why the fuck is this fucking song not on Spotify
okay_cal 10 days ago
This fucking fucks fuck mother fucking song fucking fuck fucks fuck fucking song not on fucking fucks fucking Spotify fuck fuck fuck
kalleaaltonen 12 days ago
The reasln why this is not at streaming platforms cause this beat is from jay z 4:44
Paco The Taco
Paco The Taco 12 days ago
Is he working on anything?
Janaya 12 days ago
mira a
mira a 13 days ago
put this on apple music pls
maxforce 13 days ago
You can only like if you didnt come from tiktok
Yousef Emad
Yousef Emad 13 days ago
Yo guys please help me what does this type of beat named ??
god blessed
god blessed 13 days ago
Mea rola
sal Aight
sal Aight 13 days ago
i am 2 million of the views on this video
Zodiex 13 days ago
bambino69 13 days ago
0:17 tyler sacrifice his own life for pakistan
Miguel Côté
Miguel Côté 13 days ago
Why isn’t this on Apple Music :(
Houssem Omri
Houssem Omri 13 days ago
Swear to god bro if you dont put this on spotify im gonna kolk myself
Aleksi Sarja
Aleksi Sarja 13 days ago
5 million baybeeeeee
DOH 14 days ago
Aha he did the Kanye HAnH
Hal ou Heisenberg ?
Hal ou Heisenberg ? 14 days ago
Tree looks like King Kong watching at his palm hand
She Dummy 7hicc
She Dummy 7hicc 14 days ago
Ye vibes with this beat. Old ye would have decimated this beat too
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 15 days ago
Im not laying in between a girls thighs 😔
vshanna 15 days ago
ya ya
ya ya 14 days ago
Kathyy szn
Kathyy szn 15 days ago
why is NOT ON SPOTIFY 😩😭
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 15 days ago
Bc he didnt make the beat
Das bout Jay
Das bout Jay 15 days ago
I don’t think we ask you this....are you ok 🙃
Aaze 16 days ago
gamer girl thighs 🙏🙏🙏
ya ya
ya ya 14 days ago
Hannah Aris
Hannah Aris 16 days ago
did they take the song off Apple Music?
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 15 days ago
Bc he didnt make the beat
Ayanna Brown
Ayanna Brown 16 days ago
Can you put this on Apple Music
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 15 days ago
He cant he didnt make the beat
Kachizou 17 days ago
I love coming back to this song but now we got mfs from Tik tok
R3tro_noob34 17 days ago
Tyler is my favorite rapper!
Raz Monsonego
Raz Monsonego 17 days ago
Why isnt this song on apple music?
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 15 days ago
Bc he didnt make the beat
Tank 17 days ago
Shit im poor and wake up alone
Seena Rahimi
Seena Rahimi 15 days ago
lil Sprite
lil Sprite 17 days ago
Can you please put this on Spotify I am begging you
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 15 days ago
He cant he didnt make the beat
Vm Eros
Vm Eros 17 days ago
Petition for this to be on Spotify.
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 14 days ago
He cant he didnt make the beat
Leggaly 17 days ago
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 14 days ago
Bc he didnt make the beat
Josh White
Josh White 17 days ago
fuck tik tok I mean they ruind one of my fav songs
YourTrueKizukki 17 days ago
If u came from TikTok head out
Lincoln Preston
Lincoln Preston 18 days ago
Socks And Sandals
Socks And Sandals 18 days ago
Wasn’t expecting this to end up on TikTok before Spotify
Josh McGregor
Josh McGregor 18 days ago
No I haven't listened to all of Tylers work. Yes, I did come here because of TikTok. song still slaps doe
prxncess k15
prxncess k15 18 days ago
What album do y'all think this song will go with out of Igor wolf cherry bomb bastard goblin
Me Bohn
Me Bohn 15 days ago
Cherry Bomb definitely
Vince Horvath
Vince Horvath 17 days ago
flower boy
Keanu Kahrobaie
Keanu Kahrobaie 18 days ago
This song reminds me of something from "the end of the fucking world"
Sarhvin Rakupathi
Sarhvin Rakupathi 18 days ago
Nobody : Tyler : AYO
Damien Thomas
Damien Thomas 18 days ago
Someone put in on deezer please
CaRliEa RoBlOx
CaRliEa RoBlOx 18 days ago
I’m so confused why is this on my phone now when i seen it already
STRAWB3RRY MO3 18 days ago
Imagine listening to this laying between your crushes thighs while her fingers comb through your hair just vibing
Da Kaden
Da Kaden 16 days ago
@Zion nah niggas on tiktok be mad weird
Zion 16 days ago
Da Kaden gatekeeper, we lock you out
Da Kaden
Da Kaden 16 days ago
@TheKennyGee it brings weird ass people good music
TheKennyGee 16 days ago
Da Kaden gate keeping music is not the dub you think it is
Da Kaden
Da Kaden 18 days ago
Imagine not knowing this song before tiktok
Dima quiet
Dima quiet 19 days ago
need on spotify PLS
pepetrumpster69 19 days ago
I will edit this comment when my head is in between 2 thick thighs
Me Bohn
Me Bohn 15 days ago
Ayo I'll be here waiting dawg
Josue Flores
Josue Flores 19 days ago
You gotta put this on apple music
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 14 days ago
He cant
c 19 days ago
Parsa Kondori
Parsa Kondori 19 days ago
mans went from talking about fucking pregnant women & calling it a threesome to inspirational messages
cj so krazy
cj so krazy 19 days ago
This was never dropped but I still love it
Pyra 19 days ago
how did this song get ruined by tiktok by mfs inbetween girls thighs
Derrek Balser
Derrek Balser 19 days ago
Bruh why is this not on apple musci
Cap Choc
Cap Choc 14 days ago
He didnt make the beat
Mohamad Mahmoud
Mohamad Mahmoud 19 days ago
Tyler 🐐🐐🐐ed
austins house
austins house 19 days ago
this song is gonna get ruined by tiktok
Hayder-Ali Khan
Hayder-Ali Khan 19 days ago
The song for cultured people remember people thicc thighs save lives
Your local namjesus
Your local namjesus 19 days ago
Ugh I love Tyler. His music will never disappoint me.
Fofootos 20 days ago
No one cares if you’re from TikTok or not just listen to the song
Ishakemybooty Upin3D
Ishakemybooty Upin3D 16 days ago
Majed Ahmed
Majed Ahmed 16 days ago
Ants In My Ass fr this is new to me
Ants In My Ass
Ants In My Ass 17 days ago
This was on tiktok?
garmrsquadron 20 days ago
for those mad about it not on spotify/apple music: youtube to mp3. Copy URL and you get a file of the song. Hope this helps
Frank Rillotta
Frank Rillotta 20 days ago
Thank you tik tok..this is dope af..Tyler did this beat justice
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