GOLF: Autumn/Winter 2018

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Tyler, The Creator

Year ago

GOLF WANG / GOLF le FLEUR* Autumn/Winter Collection.
The New Collection Will Be Available Next Week At GOLFWANG.COM
Shot In Eugene, Oregon.

Abraham Kimu
Abraham Kimu 5 days ago
These people look sleepy as fuck and I love it
Nanashi, The Stranger.
Nanashi, The Stranger. 7 days ago
My Man really brought a whole ass goat lmfao
mental breakdown
mental breakdown 9 days ago
Didn't wolf die :/
astronomicalloser 13 days ago
aight so, first kid looks like tylers son but hes actually tylers cousin. he also looks like gerald w. jones III from vampires vs the bronx starring as bobby. he also stands still as a mf statue.
verycool ari
verycool ari 15 days ago
now that i look back at this, the shit that’s in here comes from Igor & now for 2020 a mask😀
Tyler, The Creator
Tyler, The Creator 16 days ago
ASAP ROCKY! (No, I’m not Tyler)
LORVG ERAEU 19 days ago
Si se implanta alguna dictadura en el mundo, me gustaría que fuese dirigida por Tyler. dudo que Tyler esté a favor de las dictaduras pero saben a lo que me refiero. Paz.
flobalandla 23 days ago
whats the name of the girl at 2:55
Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand 24 days ago
Hunter shaefer needs to walk in one of his shows
Cbellz 2
Cbellz 2 24 days ago
At 4:05 you can see a goat holding some strange animal.
Judah Licht
Judah Licht 25 days ago
6:44 The mask we all needed 2 years early
Jimbo Heezee
Jimbo Heezee 26 days ago
Oona Kling
Oona Kling Month ago
omg i gasped when asap came out
Tessa シ B
Tessa シ B Month ago
Man i wish i got that mask :|
l4ur3n Month ago
any of these people id marry, expect wyatt he can smd
Pomskii Month ago
See the models in this they accept really no matter how you look you can model for these
Lacto Bubblo
Lacto Bubblo Month ago
Tyler predicted the future with them Mask the dude was wearing
Lacto Bubblo
Lacto Bubblo Month ago
Why does the guy in 4:48 look like he was from the movie the outsiders?????🤭
Lacto Bubblo
Lacto Bubblo Month ago
If he were in it
Jerry Lopez
Jerry Lopez Month ago
I don’t recall there being Latin guys in the Outsiders but I believe it’s cus his hair is shiny and slick back like the greasy characters.
49.163 Month ago
2:40 gaysap rocky
Ana Mirage
Ana Mirage Month ago
anyone know who r the director and producer of this vid?? (maybe t but idk)
R3ckless Bling
R3ckless Bling Month ago
R3ckless Bling
R3ckless Bling Month ago
Can we not forget that type started the trend of bucket hats, stiff jeans, and the whole grunge and retro aesthetic
Some Fucking Retard
Some Fucking Retard Month ago
Why are the likes disabled, Tyler?
Laura White
Laura White Month ago
I’ll pass
Nocturnal Delirium
Nocturnal Delirium Month ago
6:45 is that steezy kane?
julia haney
julia haney Month ago
ofc all of them crazy attractive
Maya Sosa
Maya Sosa Month ago
okay but asappp 🥺💜
Lucky 2 months ago
awww tyler is holding himself
They Hate Marion
They Hate Marion 2 months ago
these are some good looking chaps
David Hodgin
David Hodgin 2 months ago
face mask damn
jp 6
jp 6 2 months ago
1:39 is that a relative of tyler cause he looks a lot like him
Jerry Lopez
Jerry Lopez Month ago
Yeah it’s his younger cousin
Fish bone
Fish bone 2 months ago
Oh to model for golf
Matthew Nurse
Matthew Nurse 2 months ago
What kind of camera was this filmed on
Matthew Nurse
Matthew Nurse 2 months ago
What was this filmed on
Gabriel Reines
Gabriel Reines 2 months ago
Why that first half sound so busdriver
Michaiah Bestenbier
Michaiah Bestenbier 2 months ago
I first thought the first guy was Tyler
Ned Arnold
Ned Arnold 2 months ago
Tyler new about COVID-19 before anyone else he even made masks
Ned Arnold
Ned Arnold 2 months ago
Damn that goat dripping
AneesahMcdonald 2 months ago
The diversity👁👄👁
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 2 months ago
Looking at things I can’t afford again
ecstasy 2 months ago
*golf does not support the use of nicotine* *or this hand placement*
Tia Resti
Tia Resti 2 months ago
guy with cig kinda cute tho
Nicole Andin
Nicole Andin 2 months ago
The Gloved One
The Gloved One 2 months ago
6:38 What's the title of this song?
The Gloved One
The Gloved One 2 months ago
@Ӎįśś Ĝůӎ oh, thanks
Ӎįśś Ĝůӎ
Ӎįśś Ĝůӎ 2 months ago
It's Tyler's song that he made for this show. It will not be released
Zann Christo
Zann Christo 2 months ago
Half of me is "this is f i r e, style all the way" And the other half is "I don't fish and I'm not a grandpa so no"
kristin lucio ‘
kristin lucio ‘ 2 months ago
mini tyler omfg 🙀
marshmallow strawberry
marshmallow strawberry 2 months ago
Khalon Foster
Khalon Foster 2 months ago
Tyler's nephew
Ariana Olson
Ariana Olson 2 months ago
It’s mini Tyler 🤩
10-Ext_Mat_01-Lucas Pereira de Souza
10-Ext_Mat_01-Lucas Pereira de Souza 2 months ago
hell yes
valentine peach
valentine peach 2 months ago
They all looks like they want to escape and so awkward😂
Kat 2 months ago
tyler’s aesthetic changed a lot, if we compare with his old aesthetic, his old style. Now it’s def not the same style but i like it too. Tyler actually changed my style too, the oldest me wouldn’t like this style it all
SpongeBob TrianglePants
SpongeBob TrianglePants 2 months ago
The vibes are ✨i m m a c u l a t e✨
Nommed Kid
Nommed Kid 2 months ago
Golf is the best in my opinion. Also this type of vids are so artistic
Valeria Gonzalez
Valeria Gonzalez 2 months ago
Yo his fashion label had face masks way before we required them
Avathecrybaby 2 months ago
Is the angel in the beginning Tyler or his cousin sorry I can't tell they look so similar! ;) P.S love you Tyler♥ Wait I just found out its his cousin omg is cousin is cute holy...
Earl Sweatshirt
Earl Sweatshirt 2 months ago
*sees thumbnail* My mind: it’s young T
allyssadray _
allyssadray _ 3 months ago
Dayum if Tyler is to old for me lemme at the lil angel-...wait 2:37 A$AP NVm rEmbER KIds AGE IS JUST A NUMBER
ItsmeLeo 3 months ago
6:18 don’t forget 💯
Ans Hakim
Ans Hakim 3 months ago
Damn his little cousin hit puberty so hard too
josie Month ago
do you know his cousin's instagram? lol
Tyreece Effik
Tyreece Effik 3 months ago
whos the girl that was also in the video fucking young, asking for a friend
Fée Valkenburg-Rénélique
Fée Valkenburg-Rénélique 3 months ago
wish I could buy these
Firstly Firstly
Firstly Firstly 3 months ago
Nice music
Kathleen McGinley
Kathleen McGinley 3 months ago
Matthew Nurse
Matthew Nurse 3 months ago
No one talking about 3:16, it was my fav part
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza 3 months ago
tyler have a brother?
Jerry Lopez
Jerry Lopez Month ago
No, he only got a sister. That’s his little cousin in the video
Khalon Foster
Khalon Foster 2 months ago
Liana De Leon
Liana De Leon 3 months ago
erryone gangsta till tyler pull up wit a goat
Issy Harris
Issy Harris 3 months ago
Kyuzi 3 months ago
damn the first batch of giannos look so much different
1600t 3 months ago
2:31 rocky
Allison Roman-Hurtado
Allison Roman-Hurtado 3 months ago
jackson hits different .
Elsa Kullenberg
Elsa Kullenberg 3 months ago
I love how this video shows that fashion can be fun sometimes and that you don’t need skinny white girls to do a successful fashion show! This really shows Tyler’s creativity and that he wants the world to be equal
Melanie shawtybad
Melanie shawtybad 3 months ago
wait what is tyler’s cousins instagram
finnsuth 3 months ago
3:08 was she from fucking young?
BREEZUS 3 months ago
this was a masterpiece
MrLittleSam 3 months ago
This line up reminds me of how I used to dress when I was in middle and elementary school. Remember being called a dork for wearing highwaters and sweater vests. if only I had GOLF le FLEUR print on the tag then I would've been a trendsetter.
reign 3 months ago
no one: absolutely no one tyler autumn/winter 2018: ya like jazz?
abel greeve
abel greeve 3 months ago
why do I feel like, USposts as an app, or platform, are not ready for this kind of video,
Michael Bolt
Michael Bolt 3 months ago
6:43 They knew it would become a business
Liana De Leon
Liana De Leon 3 months ago
omg hhahahah
Ronald Abregu Jr
Ronald Abregu Jr 4 months ago
was the subtle collision of the two videos at 8:43 intentional? because wow to all the details
reign 4 months ago
favorite part was when the goat was carrying the goat
Liana De Leon
Liana De Leon 3 months ago
reign same bro
Drakko 4 months ago
I listen to this every time im zooted and it takes me on a journey thank you tylerrr
ÖH NI 4 months ago
Pra Ytf
Pra Ytf 4 months ago
leonard collier
leonard collier 4 months ago
im buying the golf wang basketball jersey
comfy slumber • 7 years ago
comfy slumber • 7 years ago 4 months ago
1:37 4:15 wait what?
comfy slumber • 7 years ago
comfy slumber • 7 years ago 4 months ago
Also 6:18 :3
Frannie 4 months ago
Jasper 4 months ago
I just read the description, this was shot in my city 😳
[[[ redacted_001 ]]]
[[[ redacted_001 ]]] 5 months ago
Cody Jones
Cody Jones 5 months ago
the face mask didn’t age well
Famous Kashh
Famous Kashh 5 months ago
3:05 the crazy girl that shot Tyler’s balloon down in Fucking Young music video & such more!😭🍒
Lukus cradduck
Lukus cradduck 5 months ago
This shit go hard like cookies
Blanket 5 months ago
1:29 Tyler got 2020 The Weeknd on this one
Error 5 months ago
The first kid was Tyler the created
Madison Mcclary
Madison Mcclary 5 months ago
tyler’s cousin is so beautiful
unknown temptation
unknown temptation 5 months ago
ok but look at ty's cousin holy shit
kayli morrison
kayli morrison 5 months ago
2:41 look at this pretty lady🥰
Arian Patel
Arian Patel 5 months ago
is nobody going to mention the kelly green chucks at 1:15
TUMYBOI 5 months ago
6:45 Do they still have the masks on sale?????
raymond massey
raymond massey 5 months ago
Why did I like the transition from fall to winter so much
Creighton 5 months ago
omg he revealed igor at 7:12 what
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