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Tyler, The Creator

2 years ago

Rocky and Tyler Rapping Over "KNOCK KNOCK" By Monica and Missy Elliott: Produced by Kanye West.
Paris, France
Filmed/Edited By AWGE

Esukhei Boldbaatar
Esukhei Boldbaatar 9 hours ago
Actually Not Hip-Hop Universe
Actually Not Hip-Hop Universe 3 days ago
ngl life was better when this came out
Phill de payne
Phill de payne 3 days ago
Niggas in Paris
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 3 days ago
*_whipped cream_*
ekat smilly
ekat smilly 5 days ago
YEEEET That salad!@t
ekat smilly
ekat smilly 5 days ago
David1 5 days ago
When the fuck is wangsap droppin
Nanashi, The Stranger.
Nanashi, The Stranger. 7 days ago
rlfraud 11 days ago
1:19 he gay
girler colclough
girler colclough 13 days ago
dont say shit like that. - A$AP ROCKY
Fan Person
Fan Person 18 days ago
Jaden mustve forgotten his mic was muted
Nugget babes
Nugget babes 18 days ago
This is the only exception of potato salad I will take but other than that potato salad is nasty as fuck it should be aborted it should be abolished deleted from the atmosphere
Devon Hull
Devon Hull 19 days ago
Bro Tyler has the most drip
thrilliams 19 days ago
thats a purse
Gamer de verdade yeah
Gamer de verdade yeah 20 days ago
Listing this guy, in paris, laughing, it is all I need to be a best day. This 2!
axo pathetic
axo pathetic 24 days ago
"Got my vans on but they look like sneakers" FREE A$AP ❤.
axo pathetic
axo pathetic 24 days ago
Godfather 25 days ago
This isn't a potato salad recipe
emil0 29 days ago
this aint a purse, its a S A T C H E L
Rafuboy 101
Rafuboy 101 Month ago
That moment when Tyler said whipped cream a few times in this song
Judah Licht
Judah Licht Month ago
I'm the channel that you watch, I'm the ammo in your glock" never heard Tyler come into a verse that hungry before
Emma Wu
Emma Wu Month ago
jaden comin out like he bouta spit some bars-
Kenyetta Coleman
Kenyetta Coleman Month ago
I need that green jeep my neighbors drive around in them
Yo It's me, Dawg
Yo It's me, Dawg Month ago
Any other person who makes music when they name a song : A name that was thought out before chosen* Tyler : POTATO SALAD
Abraham Month ago
it's not a purse, it's a satchel.
Chiken Bum
Chiken Bum Month ago
anyone know what bike tyler has im interested
Leonel Aaron Liza G.
Leonel Aaron Liza G. Month ago
Muy elegante la edición :3
Byssto Month ago
Lokstar Megatronix
Lokstar Megatronix Month ago
💥the all video stink of asshole shit for realll... TSHI-TSHI MANS..
Melanie Gonzalez
Melanie Gonzalez Month ago
they have to make another song togetherrrrd
Bk Tee
Bk Tee Month ago
I knew I heard this beat before. This from Monica’s song knock knock lol
Noah Morrison
Noah Morrison 2 months ago
I wonder what happened
cracker jack raps
cracker jack raps 2 months ago
i used to hate tyler. i heard this song one time. my opinion changed instantly
Saf 2 months ago
favourite duo
Mads Kruhl
Mads Kruhl 2 months ago
1:46 "this ain't a person, its a statue"
Cappuccino Cup
Cappuccino Cup 2 months ago
I wonder how much Will Smith paid to let his son just be in this video
slowed music
slowed music 2 months ago
Tyler: being bi, and trying go to heaven God: Welcome to heaven, Tyler!
Corona Zenith
Corona Zenith 2 months ago
A Fiat 500 ranger ;;
elia martinez
elia martinez 2 months ago
Adrian 2 months ago
Bruh I was like who’s that nigga getting in our car 😡 OOOO JADEN 🤗😍
jordan kjallberg
jordan kjallberg 2 months ago
Is that will's kid in the back seat?
HeliumSunrise 3 months ago
biggest lesson out of this video tyler whips cream. always remember that.
OPS_ICY 3 months ago
wheres carti
bruh _.
bruh _. 3 months ago
Word play is tired. Come back later
Guinea_pigs _4_eva
Guinea_pigs _4_eva 3 months ago
Chanel Eldridge
Chanel Eldridge 3 months ago
from now on my name is not chanel it’s chânel
alex 3 months ago
My ears hurt, not because it’s bad. But because my ears are on fucking fire, seriously get me help.
Juba Juboso
Juba Juboso 3 months ago
AHAHAHAHAAA potato salad Baby girl
Adel Omerinovic
Adel Omerinovic 3 months ago
Da real goat 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Farah Nasser
Farah Nasser 4 months ago
best friend goals right here
The KoolKrush
The KoolKrush 4 months ago
Kanye west a genius
AiM__FreakZ 4 months ago
they just messing around having fun. love to see them
Tonys Life
Tonys Life 4 months ago
My favorite trio Tyler, ASAP rocky, and Jaden Smith
tolanstout 4 months ago
Jaden's cameo has a new meaning now that we know he's Tyler's twink. They engage in fecal intercourse and you know who's the bottom. Let that sink in.
yung treezy crazy
yung treezy crazy 4 months ago
wtf jaden
ARAM 4 months ago
thx ye for this amazing fuckin beat
Purplehaz3 4 months ago
Khalifa Almheiri
Khalifa Almheiri 4 months ago
This is so sick 🔥🔥
Simfu 4 months ago
This shit just bars, I fw it.
Ana Mirage
Ana Mirage 4 months ago
don't say shit like that
brondlie 4 months ago
man the only couple i ship is tyler and rocky man, i cant wait for them to cuddle and watch smack dvd together and tyler licks his braids like 👁👅👁
Yearn Sane
Yearn Sane 4 months ago
My pp went 😎😎😎
jorgehaold S
jorgehaold S 4 months ago
What is tyler type of bike?
Cat 5 months ago
Category "*EDUCATION*"
Capone RAR
Capone RAR 5 months ago
Me and the bois
Milkra 5 months ago
Tyler, ASAP Rocky, and Jaden Smith are my favorite duo in rap
Im_ FlaTop dion
Im_ FlaTop dion 5 months ago
Was that jaden he looks😭
eightboiz 5 months ago
Thank You Kanye! Very Cool!
Thank You Kanye! Very Cool! 5 months ago
why is flower boy in a Jaden Smith video
Simplemente Un Pana
Simplemente Un Pana 5 months ago
RESUMEN LETRAS ESCUCHAR TAMBIÉN SE BUSCÓ Ayy, you gon' start me from the top? Listen Shout out Harlem, man Shout out A$AP Rocky, man AWGE in the building, man What's good? Is that potato salad? Yo, listen Niggas give me the cold shoulder, I can speak for myself So I keep a high waist and alligator the belt And got a belt with the holster, I ain't playing games But got some lil' niggas who would do it so I pass the controller You get pressed and X out, tri-angle your nose Pause your life if you squares try to mess with my O's, whoa So cut the crap like shit barbers Cause we really with the beef like closeted gay fathers Nigga we get dollars, give 'em to Ben Baller Exchange for them chains that's all shiny with thick water I got back pains, neck heavy like whipped cream My whip clean, and they all white, I whip cream And cop boys and I joy stick, I whip cream and cop cribs I got more space than big jeans, y'all sleeping on me Explain why they got shit dreams I'm alien, got the laser gun with the big beam Married to the money, my bitch green No I don't sip lean, but ride around in rockets like Yao Ming Y'all niggas weak They thought I was goofy and all mouses Double C my luggage and fill them with Comme blouses Y'all cop kush, my nigga I cop houses And fill em with some Leo DiCap's and some Cole Sprouses, nigga Where we? Rocky, A$AP GOLF, boy, where we at? Nigga in Pari' Fuck clothes, I cop pieces Couple thots with me and them hoes is like divas Got my Vans on but they look like sneakers Flipped a couple packs, Based God in the speakers Bass all in the speakers In the field like baseball, play ball, face wall when polices come I don't rock Chanel, I rock channel And no this ain't a purse, it's a satchel (At you) Bless, at you, nah I ain't sneeze But if niggas want steam or smoke, bet I match you Got a bullet with your name on the barrel If hollows don't clip, you get nip like it's cat food That dude, when I die, they gotta make a statue Bad attitude, this ain't a purse, it's a satchel Go to any nigga with money up in my bracket Then I think about the state of rapping All the freshmens in the classes All the super seniors mumblin' and ramblin' Mumblin and rappin', mumble rapping? I find it hard to find actual talent I find it hard to find an actual challenge I'm like Shabazz Palace's last acid hit, elaborate Rap lab's labyrinth, word to Kodak's Black's Lazarus "Calldrops" on the album skits Ayo, I'm the channel that you watch, I'm the ammo in the Glock Weird nigga, full suit with the sandals and the socks, stop And based on my neck boy You would think I hate glass homes way I'm handling the rocks Who cast the first stone? Bitch it's me, fuck you thought? Real grunge nigga, I ain't got a flannel as the top And I'm picking up guitar, strum nigga Bum niggas wish they could make a garden shed But they sleeping on me man like their arm is dead I'm a wild nigga boy and you farmer bred, born You ain't animal, you are, corn, hahah, yeah! K shiz, what up nigga!
Yeosin 5 months ago
1:28 YESSIR✊✊✊
Angel Flores Vega
Angel Flores Vega 5 months ago
Jaden smiths verse was the best
Maia Dorneanu
Maia Dorneanu 5 months ago
Nobody: nothing ASAP: *aggressively showing his jewlery*
AneesahMcdonald 2 months ago
Joseph Hornsey
Joseph Hornsey 5 months ago
Till now I've always thought he said "i look gay to the belt" and now I'm incredibly disappointed
Mcklinky 5 months ago
Emma W
Emma W 5 months ago
The love I have for this song is insanity
Youssef 3002
Youssef 3002 5 months ago
Rappers who are looking for some fire beats, I got u: usposts.info/vision/aJiYucyRa4ChfNg/video
BLONDED XO 5 months ago
how crazy is it to write bars using PlayStation's controller buttons
miguel zambrano
miguel zambrano 5 months ago
Why u show me something that i cant have
Ethan Pavon
Ethan Pavon 5 months ago
i feel like jaden probably wanted to be on the song but rocky and tyler didn't want him to but they felt bad so they just let him be in the music video
Imperii 5 months ago
I just found out that this was sampled off of Kanye Wests “Apologize”
Yangito Da
Yangito Da 5 months ago
First time listening to this.... *This is educational*
Maips101 6 months ago
J Cole beat on Knock Knock from The Warm Up
shitty advice guy
shitty advice guy 6 months ago
The beats make me real peaceful.
Vincenzo Fattizzo
Vincenzo Fattizzo 6 months ago
came after Mac Miller's rap :D
J S 6 months ago
What this while you're high i promise it won't dissapoint
Milk Man
Milk Man 6 months ago
I feel like Jayden wasn’t even planned he just kinda walked on and they were like “Oh guess he’s here”
Milk Man
Milk Man 6 months ago
I feel like Jayden wasn’t even planned he just kinda walked on and they were like “Oh guess he’s here”
michael lawrence
michael lawrence 6 months ago
Randomonium Lea
Randomonium Lea 6 months ago
So me and friend were watching this for about the 12th time since the video was released and he got mad cuz I slapped after he had just now noticed Jaden Smith was in the video, he hasn't spoken to me since...what should I do???
17 6 months ago
Why us this in my recommended again
prxducer hxktxk
prxducer hxktxk 6 months ago
Tyler is the nerdy kid and Rocky is the popular kid who eventually turned nerdy
moonlighted. 6 months ago
Everybody gangsta until ASAP says "satchel".
Kmt 6 months ago
Did you guys notice the lil huddy face bouncing on the words when he says nigga 1:19
Its Defeat
Its Defeat 5 months ago
Who tf is lil huddy? Thats Cole Sprouse
Xdアヴァニ 6 months ago
2:03 *...*
Joe Demo
Joe Demo 6 months ago
Just went through a designer rabbit whole and ended up here on my favorite artist. Like if you’re here from 2020!!! Fuck corona!!!!!
Laura Losange
Laura Losange 6 months ago
À quel moment ont ils modifié le clip? Is that inception?
Chris Peacock
Chris Peacock 6 months ago
Alr everyone stfu and put the jokes aside. Can we talk about the flat tire in 0:49
tsunami 6 months ago
thumbnail change?
Zen State of Mind
Zen State of Mind 6 months ago
*this aint a purse, it's a satchel*
Luke Bingham
Luke Bingham 6 months ago
goombez 7 months ago
Tyler had that same phone for 8 years 😂😂
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