FLOWER BOY: a conversation

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Tyler, The Creator

2 years ago

Jerrod Carmichael / Tyler Okonma
Directed By: Wolf Haley
DP: Luis "Panch" Perez
Production: Happy Place
Set Design: GOLF* home
Backdrop: Brendon Burton

paris 2 days ago
bruh this interviewer be interrupting tylerrrr
Seth Holton
Seth Holton 4 days ago
I guess I never realized that the fashion show music came out before 911/Mr. Lonely. I always thought that he just took the beat from that song and put it in the background on loop, but that wasn't the case and I find that interesting.
Ballistic Ball
Ballistic Ball 6 days ago
There were so many times watching this I randomly started smiling. Fuck music is beautiful dude
Tommy Timmy
Tommy Timmy 7 days ago
words cannot express how happy i am that Glitter is tyler the creator’s song, and not justin beiber’s.
tanscot1 7 days ago
Who's the guy interviewing?
John Johnson
John Johnson 10 days ago
When you reply to this comment only reply by link to the juicy parts in the conversation. Edit: exactly what you run from you end up chasing, new magic wand, transition from gone, gone to thank you end of puppet.
john doe
john doe 10 days ago
lil uzi vert
Cullen Cochran
Cullen Cochran 11 days ago
One of the most quietly influential comedians rn interviewing one of the most loudly influential musicians rn
Demi Guo
Demi Guo 12 days ago
You sure? You really sure? I think this active lad doesn't listen to you carefully......But the thing is who are you?
OsSloth 14 days ago
Something about that thumbnail made me think there was going to be a lot of tension in this video
Gregory Glade
Gregory Glade 15 days ago
we need a freaking tyler anthology like the beatles
autumn gooding
autumn gooding 15 days ago
he do look like a carrot lol
Desert Dawg
Desert Dawg 16 days ago
Tyler the creator.... White people relate, and the ones who want to be white. 😂
Tatyana Gaines
Tatyana Gaines 16 days ago
👁👄👁how long did you want it initially Tyler : *elegantly carresses fur couch*
ExtremelyBlue 17 days ago
why is this filmed like a jordan peele film
shannon noubi
shannon noubi 18 days ago
this is so deep
Softo and Wetto
Softo and Wetto 19 days ago
Anyone make a playlist of all this the songs that were influential/inspirational to Tyler mentioned in this interview?
Ewan Heycock
Ewan Heycock 19 days ago
no one talking about the videography? ight i see
mechabubba 20 days ago
watching this in 2020 really hits different.
NL CREW 22 days ago
i just realized that this guy is the: sometimes you gotta... close the dor to... open a window-
Mohau Tshukudu
Mohau Tshukudu 23 days ago
Yo bro could you please let tyler talk lol
Yèa H
Yèa H 24 days ago
Be my husband please?!
Ana Mirage
Ana Mirage 27 days ago
I love how simple the filming and editing is yet it looks so nice and inviting I guess
Icantdrawlemon 28 days ago
This video is longer than the album
maari crisafulli-vargas
maari crisafulli-vargas 29 days ago
i really just watched that whole thing
Sharon-Rose Mk
Sharon-Rose Mk Month ago
Tyler has beautiful hands wtf
Amon Suid
Amon Suid Month ago
I love the way the filmer filmed this, he gave this so much personality.
Pepe doing the milly rock
Pepe doing the milly rock Month ago
This dude jarrod on Lucas bro’s??
Andrei Diaz
Andrei Diaz Month ago
why Jerrod Carmichael talking to India's flag?
ernest bediako jr
ernest bediako jr Month ago
yung zlvsky
yung zlvsky Month ago
why Jerrod looks like Scottie Pippen son
pknm Month ago
hannah b
hannah b Month ago
this is why i want to sit with Tyler for hours and talk
Reggie Asiamah
Reggie Asiamah Month ago
Two friends just music nerding it. This is great.
Vinicius D
Vinicius D Month ago
Nandi Murape
Nandi Murape Month ago
So you're telling ME Ms. Onika Maraj COULD'VE BEEN ON I AIN'T GOT TIME. I'm so disappointed that she couldn't think of anything cause that definitely would've been some fire ass shit :((((
Ana Mirage
Ana Mirage Month ago
I love listening to Tyler talk about music, its so inspiring
David Maldonado
David Maldonado Month ago
Michael Hawthorne
Michael Hawthorne Month ago
When I first listened to flower boy I was like “ yo the fuck is this shit where is Yonkers Tyler” and after listening to it for a while it literally changed how I think about music and changed what I liked. Overall one of my favorite albums of all time.
Savannah Kindred
Savannah Kindred Month ago
I wanna hear one for every album now
Chandler Stovall
Chandler Stovall Month ago
Everly Butera
Everly Butera Month ago
why is it so zoomed in lol
VAPOR Month ago
I start to believe the boy on the left sounds high pitched in igor's song EXACTLY WHAT YOU RUN FROM YOU END UP CHASING, and in other of those igor songs and other audio documents made by tyler. What you think :o
Shauntyl Bloom
Shauntyl Bloom Month ago
11:23 me too
Vicevilla Month ago
definitely my favorite tyler album
Name Month ago
The camra shots are giving e anixiaty
mil Month ago
When the guy said sometimes i immediately said: you gotta close a door to open a window haha
brown Month ago
this video is so beautiful
Joseph Abbasi
Joseph Abbasi 2 months ago
shit i accidentally slept this way too relaxing
Trippie 9
Trippie 9 2 months ago
Can we have someone interview him after they listen to Igor but can that person be a kid cuz kids have such an open mind to shit like I remember when I was a little kid I was curious to try everything
ツRel 2 months ago
I get what he’s saying about cherry bomb but it’s in my top three albums
ツRel 2 months ago
And I would like to see more videos like this
nick ruiz
nick ruiz 2 months ago
Directed by Wolf Haley, i wonder when we will hear from him again?😏
Duh Gucci
Duh Gucci 2 months ago
Tyler killed him. Watch the music video for Sam is Dead
nick ruiz
nick ruiz 2 months ago
Chords and melodies fuck ya!!🙌🏽🙌🏽
Jan Anrei Romero
Jan Anrei Romero 2 months ago
We need IGOR: a conversation ASAP(2)
FBI ‘ 2 months ago
the cameramen definitely have ADHD
Josh Powell
Josh Powell 2 months ago
here I am 2 years later watching this again
elia martinez
elia martinez 2 months ago
sounds like the “sometimes you gotta close a door to open a window” dude
Sacha Moses
Sacha Moses 2 months ago
@elia martinez 🤣🤣
elia martinez
elia martinez 2 months ago
Sacha Moses 🗿
Sacha Moses
Sacha Moses 2 months ago
I cant tell if you're trolling
Sacha Moses
Sacha Moses 2 months ago
Thats is him
wa7saka 2 months ago
i wonder how igor: a conversation would be like and also wonder how this guy feels about how he’s IN IGOR WH
AneesahMcdonald 2 months ago
Can we get this as a series with all his albums?
raymnod 2 months ago
52:31 im just leaving this her
Phat Ho
Phat Ho 2 months ago
Why some of these artists rejecting Tyler?? Like they trippin fr...
I Love Chicago
I Love Chicago 23 days ago
Because they don’t understand his ear. Plus he don’t make typical music with shitty lyrics/trap beats either. They don’t get him
Evan Michell
Evan Michell 2 months ago
i really like the way carmichael bobs his head around while he talks
Wesley Card
Wesley Card 2 months ago
anyone notice tyler changed pants like a quarter of the way through
rose 2 months ago
911/Mr.Lonely is one of the best songs of Tyler
Anthony Ochoa
Anthony Ochoa 2 months ago
does anyone know what band or musician tyler is talking about, i think it was called caan but idk if thats how u spell it
juanita gauna
juanita gauna 2 months ago
Bro I love Igor album 💜straight up helped me this year
Julien Ortiz
Julien Ortiz 2 months ago
Isn’t this the dude speaking in the fillers of the IGOR album?🙃
Gabriel Alves
Gabriel Alves 2 months ago
its videos like this that inspire me to be an artist.
Normal Imposter
Normal Imposter 2 months ago
This album will def be known as a classic in the future.
audr-io 2 months ago
Tyler's ears are amazing. he can pick out what voices sound the best over which beats, he finds out how to add little details over and over until it creates something with a whole personality. he's building a story with sounds and melodies and i admire that so much.
YexaM _
YexaM _ 2 months ago
One day I hope to do a collab with tyler
OTTO Rocket HD
OTTO Rocket HD 2 months ago
I love how all Tyler fans bully him in the comments but we all deep down love him💖
Stacy Pepsi
Stacy Pepsi 2 months ago
I fucking love him. He is so beautiful, talented and all that stuff. I'm just in love
letise 2 months ago
schoolboy q missed out
theopenmouth 2 months ago
gotta appteciate the soft machine and CAN love from Tyler
Paul Octav
Paul Octav 2 months ago
Do you still have the original...Flower Boy album uploaded?
dont trip
dont trip 2 months ago
Can we have this for IGOR
James Wise
James Wise 2 months ago
tyler lookin like a carrot in this bitch
soggy skittles
soggy skittles 2 months ago
sometimes you gotta close a door to open a window.
Jason Ahl
Jason Ahl 2 months ago
When Tyler said the only people who liked Cherry Bomb are real music lovers...
Champ Leads
Champ Leads 3 months ago
Get a room boys lol
sophia 3 months ago
came back here because of fb’s birthday. what an interesting conversation. happy 3, fb. time flies by fast.
Tcrozzy 3 months ago
Tyler’s next album in 2021 has to be good or it will be good
Mahaasin Mason
Mahaasin Mason 3 months ago
Nat Turner is important to me because he’s my however many greats ( grandfather )
ULT Ace_
ULT Ace_ 3 months ago
IGOR: a conversation
Saul Allen
Saul Allen 3 months ago
i love this :)
Harrison smith VSB
Harrison smith VSB 3 months ago
The sexual tension between these guys are unmatched
Richard Chau
Richard Chau 3 months ago
we gotta hear all other 24 versions
The Ian Fontaine
The Ian Fontaine 3 months ago
Carmichael sound better than stevie i said what i said. Why tf this nigga dont sing ??
Jake Warren
Jake Warren 3 months ago
Riding round town the gone feel this 1
Sol psychi
Sol psychi 3 months ago
tyler be lookin like the indian flag tf
co co cola
co co cola 3 months ago
lizzie w
lizzie w 3 months ago
hahwhhahhahwhahahahaa 🇮🇳 he do. he do.
Isaiah Singleton
Isaiah Singleton 3 months ago
Now that Tyler is out of the closet and Jerrod revealed on his HBO doc that hes hooked up with dudes before 😂😂this convo has an entirely different feel to it now
Lucy-Anne Ajala
Lucy-Anne Ajala 3 months ago
He seems so sad when he said people didn’t reply or want to hop on the track 🥺 🙈
Dylan Vaz
Dylan Vaz 3 months ago
I remembered when this dropped vividly. I was in photo class and basically that class is a study hour and we were on our phones and shit literally I watched the whole thing in that class and had like 2 minutes left till class was over. I could go back to sophomore year tbh. Fun times
towwzz 3 months ago
we need all 25 versions of 911
Tom. 3 months ago
it’s so human seeing two people talk about stuff they’re passionate about. just a normal, human conversation, and i fucking love it
Karabo lol
Karabo lol 3 months ago
ICEHOTEL115 3 months ago
rese_nocap Marshall
rese_nocap Marshall 3 months ago
';parts that hurt a little bit ''sure does
Pedro Gonçalves
Pedro Gonçalves 3 months ago
what is the song at the end credits?
laurenbear18 3 months ago
Victøria Tørres
Victøria Tørres 4 months ago
igor watching this 0_0
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