Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE / NEW MAGIC WAND (Live at the 2020 GRAMMYs)

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Tyler, The Creator

8 months ago

Joined by Charlie Wilson and Boyz II Men

Mr. Sholay
Mr. Sholay 29 minutes ago
I just don’t understand this guy.
General Pootis
General Pootis 2 hours ago
Boyz II Men's harmonization my god is spot on
Marco Antonio Batista
Marco Antonio Batista 3 hours ago
This is R&B and Rap, but is very 🎸 and Roll too
Oglandoge 4 hours ago
4:28 YOO WTF
Queen Winterstar94
Queen Winterstar94 5 hours ago
It's the f'n fact I had a dream that Tyler was in the Grammy's for Igor. I already knew
Sadi Er
Sadi Er 9 hours ago
kids videos for kids
Ariff Firdaus
Ariff Firdaus 11 hours ago
This is ART
Dewgy Houser M.D.
Dewgy Houser M.D. 11 hours ago
Tyler fans watch this and be like: "idk is he bi tho?"
David Gibson
David Gibson 12 hours ago
Gotta run dat shit back 💯
Maxine Ndou
Maxine Ndou 12 hours ago
paris 14 hours ago
Valentina De Agostini
Valentina De Agostini 15 hours ago
ari b
ari b 16 hours ago
nobody: crows: 1:31
Kaiyi S
Kaiyi S 19 hours ago
I wish i could give this vid soooooooo many more likes it's phenomenal
merwad mourtada
merwad mourtada Day ago
Damian Gamble
Damian Gamble Day ago
ngl he kinda looked nervous in the beginning
Kitty S
Kitty S Day ago
Wtf did I just watch?! I loved it!! 😅
Ashley Sanchez
Ashley Sanchez Day ago
Ive been a fan since off future but wtf is this??!!!!
Gryan Tavarez
Gryan Tavarez Day ago
He grew up
Apenas Um ser
Apenas Um ser Day ago
1:11 oloko kkk o olho dele subiu
AHowell16 Day ago
0:57 When the soup bowl is to hot for you to touch it.
Condrees Exotic
Condrees Exotic Day ago
SWAE LEEEE!!!! 2:06
Armen Able
Armen Able Day ago
usposts.info/vision/p7HbtLDNa4CCjaI/video Japan🇯🇵
Benzo X
Benzo X Day ago
I truly dont know how to feel about this
J R4
J R4 Day ago
Holy shit this is trippy when your high am i the only one ?
Imogen Treharne
Imogen Treharne Day ago
I don't even wanna get married but I'm walking down the aisle to the first 20 seconds of this song 🙃 ♥
Imogen Treharne
Imogen Treharne Day ago
I don't even wanna get married but I'm walking down the aisle to the first 20 seconds of this song 🙃 ♥
Jas Bataille
Jas Bataille Day ago
Watch out, real music is coming back into the mainstream.
igorthegoat Day ago
My head is shaking just like the camera
statics. Day ago
When he falls at the end tho that was sick
Dmpsix Day ago
3:17 Tyler pulls out an inhaler mid performance, what a legend.
Guywth Akeyboard
Guywth Akeyboard 2 days ago
4:19 that guy in the bottom right😂
s a m a r i
s a m a r i 2 days ago
Nakaya Cridge
Nakaya Cridge 2 days ago
Why is sway the only one looking like he is enjoying himself 2:06 He is head boppin
Ery Finch
Ery Finch 2 days ago
I was watching the Grammys only bc of BTS and bored as fuck w the others perf but then I saw this particular and said maan that shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I think how eccentric original and different it was catched my whole attention.
Siphokazi Makhathini
Siphokazi Makhathini 2 days ago
some people dont appreciate him they are just weird. Ik FO SHO! Billie was hyping!!
CrazyPanda432 2 days ago
Benigno Delgado
Benigno Delgado 2 days ago
0:42 hits different
Llll 2 days ago
He rose to the level of Kendrick Lamar.
Squishy Op
Squishy Op 2 days ago
me watching it the first time: wtf me the second time: hmm.. ok ok me the third time: ayyyyee!!! this a bopp!!!
Morgie07 2 days ago
sia has gone evil
jeff phillips
jeff phillips 2 days ago
ryan's toy review
Tyler the Creator bitch
Tyler the Creator bitch 2 days ago
Some ppl in the audience must’ve been terrified (since the didn’t know him) lol
Big but Nibba
Big but Nibba 2 days ago
4:25 my life
Elena Manea
Elena Manea 2 days ago
livsspaghetti 2 days ago
My sudden obsession over tyler is very unhealthy
Milk Tea
Milk Tea 2 days ago
Don’t leave : Tyler *leaves*
Bowman Hath
Bowman Hath 2 days ago
damn lady gaga went innn
Megan van Damme
Megan van Damme 3 days ago
Armen Able
Armen Able 3 days ago
usposts.info/vision/a8zWxciWf4GSZ9Q/video Kia Rio 4 music
The Knights Extended UniverseTM
The Knights Extended UniverseTM 3 days ago
Some people be talking about vibe check, my nigga this song is lit, and all, but it's the GRAMMYs, dont expect people to start dancing and screaming the lyrics and shit. They gotta look like pros in order to be taken like they aint fake. 💁🏾‍♂️
Enzo Paul
Enzo Paul 3 days ago
THE VIZER 3 days ago
Шо это за пиздец?
끽끽 3 days ago
There is no massage, noisy yelling, sucks at singing, dancing like squidward. he just wanna be different from others But he has a confidence at his shit. thats why he got famous
끽끽 2 days ago
@shakshi dubey It is just my opinion and i don't really judge someone at first impression. I actually saw his hit artworks like yonkers and listen to his album flowerboy. But i think it sucks ..Thats all But i didn't hate him. I love his courage ,confidence and his clothing brand
shakshi dubey
shakshi dubey 2 days ago
You're clearly new to him..he's always been like this..and did you even read the lyrics of the song its definitely not some mumble shit it tells a story...and those songs are completely produced by Tyler ..you sound like a boomer..this performance was fun to watch and his weird dancing is the best part..you should look into him more before judging him..
josh young
josh young 3 days ago
nightwish reaction
Dylan Williams
Dylan Williams 3 days ago
1:30 that one kid in the hallway when ur taking a test
Natalie Harris
Natalie Harris 3 days ago
Wow, this guy should make an album called igor
Andrada Rusu
Andrada Rusu 3 days ago
Corona doesen't exist !
II MrBlueSky
II MrBlueSky Day ago
Lol good joke
CaSh Caro
CaSh Caro 3 days ago
Bro everyone so dead I would’ve cried my eyes and dance my ass off they just there like 🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏻
Bloop Blah
Bloop Blah 3 days ago
1:22 When the LSD finally kicks at 3 am
Ashanta L
Ashanta L 3 days ago
this is amazing!
Timothy Hager
Timothy Hager 3 days ago
Jesus Fucking Christ This Is Metal Rock and Roll and yeah...maybe the most underrated Grammy performance ever. Tyler does this in 90' and he's Nirvana
Jason Schofield
Jason Schofield 3 days ago
Greatest Performance of all time.
shakshi dubey
shakshi dubey 2 days ago
TeeBoi 2 days ago
@Gerry Glasso cuz he’s going all out
Gerry Glasso
Gerry Glasso 3 days ago
Explain why.
Madison Rodriguez
Madison Rodriguez 3 days ago
I was bopping to tyler and my mom was vibing and then she was like this man is crazy! And i was dont disrepect tyler plus thats not how the song originally is
Amaya Reaux
Amaya Reaux 4 days ago
this song is fire
DED ALiEN 4 days ago
tyler's asthma went :( you could see him tryna hold it together :( man
Rhyatism 4 days ago
Bruh 4 days ago
3:00 vocals make the song way better
William Ledbetter
William Ledbetter 4 days ago
Y’all saying this ain’t the best Grammys performance
Half-Eaten Donut
Half-Eaten Donut 4 days ago
Crows outside my window at 3 at the morning: 1:29
CTSBeatsMusic 4 days ago
I prefer Tyler's yelling on his verse that was fire and raw emotions. Damn
ThatDoBeSaucy 4 days ago
Mᥴkꫀꪀɀiꫀシ 4 days ago
Nobody: The birds outside of my house at 1 am: 1:31
Дмитрий Вахонин
Дмитрий Вахонин 4 days ago
still think Kaeny West is good? ann u still think Eminem i god?
Jaxson Grubb
Jaxson Grubb 5 days ago
Tyler is a freak of nature lol
Ava Cabrera
Ava Cabrera 5 days ago
POV:your rewatching this for the 800th time
Jay !
Jay ! 5 days ago
When one of the homies in the bathroom make a good beat by knocking on the door to the stall: 0:02
Alex Legal Research
Alex Legal Research 5 days ago
It's okay.
II MrBlueSky
II MrBlueSky Day ago
Ya the actual song is say better
Lau_ 5 days ago
oh yeah, the whoo-ha guy
Bread Chan
Bread Chan 5 days ago
I was watching the grammys live with my mom and stepdad and they were TERRIFIED. It was hilarious to watch them freak out
andythoomin 5 days ago
4:42 ❄ U so icy ima glacier boy..
Maar was je er bij
Maar was je er bij 5 days ago
Not a fan but why feeling uncomfortable or weirded out while this world is weird enough 🤨
Luxx Lonnie
Luxx Lonnie 5 days ago
This me at the club
Luxx Lonnie
Luxx Lonnie 5 days ago
Haha been sad all day this always makes me laugh
ayochrris 5 days ago
Teacher in Zoom: There’s still 5 minutes left in class Me: 4:27
War Titan
War Titan 5 days ago
It sounds better live than in the studio version lol
Mr.OneOne5ive 360
Mr.OneOne5ive 360 5 days ago
This performance is the definition of the boys locker room.
s a m a r i
s a m a r i 5 days ago
I watched this like 5 billion time I love this video ❤️👍🏾
m0tion 5 days ago
His dad is punching the air right now knowing he could have had a grammy son what a idiot
Mayson Oficial
Mayson Oficial 5 days ago
khalil FreeMan
khalil FreeMan 5 days ago
I'm sorry, I tried but I don't get it
Jacob Flores
Jacob Flores 5 days ago
1:30 the birds at 2:AM
Ali Laghrim
Ali Laghrim 6 days ago
Imagine Tyler on a screamo project with Zillakami, Denzel Curry, Slowthai, Nascar Aloe etc Edit: why not have Peggy do some production with Tyler while we're at it.
Jason west
Jason west 6 days ago
"No need for masks"
Turbo Nation
Turbo Nation 6 days ago
The Crowd:😐 Also the crowd:😈
flandin_ 6 days ago
such a weirdo
II MrBlueSky
II MrBlueSky Day ago
IGOR was so good right flandin
Shilpa Singh
Shilpa Singh 6 days ago
Ummm what's happening
danica Winder
danica Winder 6 days ago
my eyes are green i eat my vegetables 😈💯🥶💪🔥
Nelson Denis
Nelson Denis 6 days ago
Es como un Paco Amoroso negro. O Paco Amoroso es más bien un Tyler blanco.
Blake Helfrich-Gress
Blake Helfrich-Gress 6 days ago
2:38 "I can make her leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeave"
Mia Goodlett
Mia Goodlett 6 days ago
No one: Not even your hamster: Tyler:*screams into mic*
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