ROSE TINTED CHEEKS *2016 rough draft*

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Tyler, The Creator

2 years ago

a 2016 rough draft of this idea that would have made the album FLOWER BOY. lyrics below.
i never had the courage to tell you i adore you
i did it in a song i was too afraid to call you
im sorry i know im annoying
i just want your attention
ever since i saw you knew nothing was important
your gravity is too strong its fucking up my orbit
contact avoided by the time i record this
i just want you to listen
everytime i see you, you brighten up my day
you’re cashmere to my cotton and i wished you felt the same
more options in the alphabet i know ill be OK
no i wont
its them rose tinted cheeks
they black flag we AF
we BF as AF
but they wont get that
thats that 20 century women reference
you so hard to get like intricate metaphors
companies? i own four
but all i want is yours
hit the plex and catch a band or sushi spot i recommend
float around hitting wheelies leg or engine based it all depends
either one is cool to me
and you’re way too cool for me
ima freeze to death tryna keep up
thirsty i am i may need three cups
eye contact
speeding down the 5 in my newest ride
you was kinda high speakers mild high
track 10 track 10, dirtbike afternoons
as long as pale skin is near i didnt have to leave the room
switch gears
roamed around around fell in love
broke my leg and got stuck what the fuck
hit my head, wait, i wish you would fall in too i said
i wish you would fall in and snap them legs
cause ima be stuck here until im dead and gone
i remember when we first met
my eyes, like jeans too tight, i couldnt take em off you
you’re precious metal i was a magnet just looking
ive been searching for something
but didnt know what i was looking for
then you popped and it became so clear
like that water up north, so clear
im intimidated by your existence
flustered because of your presence
your absence leaves me in a state of confusion
i cant function, i cant explain it
im aware enough to know this is just a temporary pool of emotion
but since im here, i might as well drown
please dont save me

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The Iceywulf
The Iceywulf 5 days ago
I feel this should’ve replaced glitter
wonder lol
wonder lol 6 days ago
am i the only one that likes to freestyle at the beginning of tyler's song?? if it is just me, that is embarrassing......for me
The Leighton James
The Leighton James 7 days ago
this has igor vibes
jack zhen
jack zhen 9 days ago
This sounds so neptunes
Earl Sweatshirt
Earl Sweatshirt 13 days ago
ICE JJ FISH type beat
ezra 13 days ago
i can’t listen to this song fully cus this reminds me too much of last year, i miss last year so much
Ferin Graham
Ferin Graham 16 days ago
3:13 is where your eyes will light up ✨😌✨
metropolistic 18 days ago
animal crossing type beat
le goblin
le goblin 20 days ago
I respect tyler sfm
Godyys47 21 day ago
Give this man some love
annalisa 26 days ago
i came back to this song to vibe but all im hearing is icejjfish 🤨⁉️⁉️
ulwazi mzulwini
ulwazi mzulwini 28 days ago
if this song made flower boy i think it would've been put after november
malaikachan 28 days ago
a certain chime in here (4:55) is the beginning to FIND YOUR WINGS
Frank Ocean Stan
Frank Ocean Stan Month ago
I remember he released this shit on youtube when I was madly in love with someone and I was like "nah ion like this chick no more I'm in love with Tyler's rough drafts"
Elon Davis
Elon Davis Month ago
See all these comments about how this would fit with Igor perfectly without looking at how everything about this Cherry Bomb vocally and instrumentally, Find your wings and perfect wit the vocals and smuckers with the instrumental
Killerqueen 2k
Killerqueen 2k Month ago
Tyler should put out these songs in a EP and name it “Rough drafts” like fr I would pay money to see that
put it 1.25 speed and it sounds NICE i promise
nnofficial Month ago
2:27 thank me later
g DOLLAZ Month ago
I will never not love this
dempsey___ *
dempsey___ * Month ago
*dirt colored eyes*
YexaM _
YexaM _ Month ago
This sounds so nostalgic
JerkinShit Month ago
Who else had that exact answering machine?
Ana Mirage
Ana Mirage Month ago
this song reminds me of debbie debbie by Gary wilson
Jordyn Spencer
Jordyn Spencer Month ago
I fucking love Tyler man. No one I'd rather listen to, no one I'd rather hear about, man you're great. Even when your old songs weren't what I usually am drawn towards they still made my heart melt man and I fuckin love you for that. This song shoulda been released as a single before flowerboy because it's the perfect transition from igor to flowerboy. I love you man
Steve Reyes
Steve Reyes 2 months ago
Damn bro he been on this IGOR type sound since 2016? Where was this in cherry bomb? Why didn’t we get this instead of chipmunk ass noises
Ronitimes 2 months ago
I like to think that this guy Igor is pining after just won't listen to him, like in this song he's spilling his heart out, but mr crush just keeps on going "uhu, alright," like nothing's being said lol. Anyway, I think it's clever and it conveys the unhealthy dynamic igor and his crush got.
esteban c
esteban c 2 months ago
Why does everyone hate the hook
Saulo Oliveira
Saulo Oliveira 2 months ago
listen to this song after IGOR and i need to say, this song and " i dont love you anymore" are similar
confidence_man_2383 2 months ago
The drum beat sounds oddly similar to “I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE” at times. Dope 🤔🤔
nnofficial 2 months ago
this could actually come after November because of the answering machine part. Also, fun fact, Tyler mentions this song in See You Again very briefly; "It's them rose tinted cheeks, yeah, it's them dirt colored eyes" The first part also feels like it's from Flower Boy, but the second is more reminiscent of IGOR, so it's nice to see that even before those albums, Tyler was predicting his sound. 10/10 would listen again for like the 50,000th time
ethan 2 months ago
glitter replaced this
Watxhy 2 months ago
ethan which is 0.1% better of song
Earl Sweatshirt
Earl Sweatshirt 2 months ago
I think it’s Tyler’s turn with the serotonin
Perry Ponds
Perry Ponds 2 months ago
This song should actually be played behind “November” on the Flower Boy album. One of my favorite tracks. 🥺
N Onyt2
N Onyt2 2 months ago
Heavy Neptunes influence on this intro
kiana nick-hole
kiana nick-hole 2 months ago
Lara Oude Alink
Lara Oude Alink 2 months ago
Whoever he was, he had Tyler good
Dee Reactions
Dee Reactions 2 months ago
Damn so he basically been planning igor since 2016... This is basiclly a blue print track for flowboy n igor. Both have that summertime/ n paris sound eith that erry vocal effect.
rlfraud 2 months ago
imagine 2011 tyler listening to this
hi 2 months ago
still waiting for this to be on spotify
Wheezy 3 months ago
This sounds more IGOR than Flower Boy
dinosaur 3 months ago
i just want your attention
FRESHMINDED 3 months ago
still listening this song
AyO Bruh
AyO Bruh 3 months ago
Tyler is charming and amazing no homo but i love him
サイモン 3 months ago
this literally igor
Dayontae 3 months ago
Why did I think he said “every time I see you you’re biting on my dick”😂🤷🏿‍♂️
Cappuccino Cup
Cappuccino Cup 3 months ago
So this was supposed to be on flower boy, after track November? Too bad this didn’t work out, great song
Katie & Abigail
Katie & Abigail 3 months ago
i think this song was meant to be after “November” in Flower Boy because the outro of November is the intro of this song
Meat Nugget
Meat Nugget 3 months ago
Best song from icejjfish
Mel _
Mel _ 3 months ago
This song is so addicting
you me
you me 3 months ago
Jacob Keller
Jacob Keller 3 months ago
USposts putting this in ppl’s recommended in 9 years
that boy sus
that boy sus 4 months ago
I like how he can barley sing but his songs are better than many Beyonce songs-
Emre Selcuk
Emre Selcuk 4 months ago
This ending emulates gambino Camping vibes for sure
Theodor Cornelius Brøseth Tyvold
Theodor Cornelius Brøseth Tyvold 4 months ago
Petition to make tyler drop this
maya bradley
maya bradley 4 months ago
imagine if this came after november instead of glitter...they also have the same ending "please dont save me"
4 months ago
Al Garcia 69
Al Garcia 69 4 months ago
Not even gonna lie this is the greatest song I’ve ever heard, it has such a February vibe idk how or why
Isaiah Coulanges
Isaiah Coulanges 3 months ago
It also gives me August vibes...
Miguel Granados
Miguel Granados 4 months ago
Please put this on all platforms
hannah b
hannah b 4 months ago
rose tinted cheeks walked so earfquake could run
Isaiah Coulanges
Isaiah Coulanges 3 months ago
Delani Smith
Delani Smith 4 months ago
This is giving me OutKast vibes.
Gregory Glade
Gregory Glade 4 months ago
the fact of it being a rough draft adds something to the sound and aesthetic, love the distortion and production it sounds fascinating
Regine Murphy
Regine Murphy 4 months ago
This song has that 80s puppy love vibe
Sophie Taylor
Sophie Taylor 4 months ago
the origin of igor
taion o’connor
taion o’connor 4 months ago
This could’ve replaced glitter
Wanda Syke’s
Wanda Syke’s 4 months ago
Bruvvv ✨glitter ✨ nahh
swag 3005
swag 3005 4 months ago
i swear i luv T
vizankes 4 months ago
the intro in this song is the ending in the song November from Flower Boy every time I start this video I just make "nanananana" in my head waiting the music Glitter to start playing
Isaiah Coulanges
Isaiah Coulanges 3 months ago
SAME, Lol.
I'm Tee
I'm Tee 4 months ago
thanks to a friend i now have good music to listen to. thank you buddy
æc 4 months ago
why am I just getting this
lucas Coroi
lucas Coroi 4 months ago
When he says “please dont save me” at 5:16 it sounds like when he says it in Glitter from Flower Boy.
Luca 4 months ago
Crusty cheeks
IAmNotCool 4 months ago
Wait why is it white now it used to be yellow
waermelown 4 months ago
rose tinted cheeks is in spotify, just search callate.wey (it’s labeled as a podcast)
I-likemovies 4 months ago
I want this on Spotify please
Catiosis Last name
Catiosis Last name 4 months ago
please dont save me
Alevin Samuels
Alevin Samuels 4 months ago
Quarantine got me like!
Last Ones Standing
Last Ones Standing 5 months ago
no 5 months ago
It's not bad but it's kinda goody... I like it but I see what he meant by rough draft
k00ma 5 months ago
anyone still listen to this
Purpleflyingshark 5 months ago
I feel like this song has a lot of similarities to glitter especially in the chorus
Catiosis Last name
Catiosis Last name 4 months ago
and the "please dont save me"
Alec 5 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks he should just replace his singing with an actual singer oftentimes. I get it’s his style to sing bad but still
alexis picazo
alexis picazo 5 months ago
I’m sorry no one is available to take your call... fuck
CocaColaCausesEbola 5 months ago
Is it weird for me to like this better than almost every song on Wolf even though Wolf is great I just really love this song for some reason 😂
daddy john
daddy john 5 months ago
Anyone hear I don't love you anymore 🤷
Sarah Allston
Sarah Allston 5 months ago
The message of this song and the lyrics are so amazing. Even though the vocals aren't the best, I still love this song.
peepee poopoo
peepee poopoo 5 months ago
*fuck you Wyatt*
rosalie storteboom
rosalie storteboom 5 months ago
istg this is about wyatt
Isaac Garat
Isaac Garat 5 months ago
Dirt colored eyes
DAKKARI 5 months ago
Remember when Tyler would actually drop consistent music?
DAKKARI 5 months ago
@g DOLLAZ like, multiple times a month or multiple times in a year
g DOLLAZ 5 months ago
He drops an album every other year what you mean?
Ninjantman 5 months ago
This gotta get released as a single tho OR HE SHOULD MAKS HIS VERSION OF AN UNTITLED UNMASTERED
cali im not saying my last name sorry
cali im not saying my last name sorry 5 months ago
Category: education so guys let’s learn about flower boy.
Ben SMC 5 months ago
This song is like the perfect mix of the Grinch album and Flower Boy, in my mind this song is the events after the ending of Flower Boy leading into IGOR
乇乂匚乇2024 5 months ago
0:59 sounds like hog rider
KENDALL JAMES 5 months ago
this song would’ve been the best song on the album in my opinion, either way still a solid album
Lea Morand
Lea Morand 5 months ago
thanks for that song T , now im in love with you
Josepablo Polanco
Josepablo Polanco 5 months ago
No literally like what the fuck, the last like poem or few words that were spoken at the end of the song literally described a very specific type of situation/feeling I have (I don't even know anymore and I hate not knowing anymore) with this girl. I read the lyrics Tyler has in the description box and wow deadass, just DEADASS. ALSO THE CHORUS SINGING IS OFF KEY BUT IT'S OKAY, A MASTERPIECE WITHIN ITSELF.
narutoshadowclone1 5 months ago
I think Rose-Tinted Cheeks could still fit perfectly after Glitter even though since the end of the song the answering machine doesn’t catch Tyler’s song/voicemail which could then Segway into Rose-Tinted Cheeks as he mentions “I did it in a song, I was too afraid to call you” since the voicemail didn’t go through and maybe didn’t have the nerve to call and leave another. That then could lead into Enjoy Right Now, Today.
DabbingDylan 5 months ago
This song is if flower boy and igor had a baby
Owlexander Hamilton
Owlexander Hamilton 5 months ago
You could definitely hear IGOR coming using this one
Onika Tanya
Onika Tanya 5 months ago
WYATT? why
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