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Pherces 4 hours ago
3:41me going to go see what my mom wants after the 80th time today
Pherces 4 hours ago
3:41me going to go see what my mom wants after the 80th time today
shut up and yellow
shut up and yellow 4 hours ago
got broken up with last night and i've had the whole igor album on repeat. i miss her so much even though she is still texting me and wants to be my friend. i want more. but it won't happen again. my chance is fucking gone
Mac 4 hours ago
I think too many people focus on the gay part rather than the beautiful part and thats sad. We hearing the same thing right? THIS SHIT BEAUTIFUL
_ Schmeaty _
_ Schmeaty _ 19 hours ago
3:01 when people aint social distancing
BigDickVato559 Day ago
what camera is he using here doe
Yung Mason
Yung Mason 2 days ago
This song is so good
bob the white rat
bob the white rat 2 days ago
i realized that Tyler the creator Sampled 2 + 2 + 1 = Ponderosa Twins Plus one - Bound, I'm surprised these are my both favorites
Yta 2 days ago
Me: I listen this song Also Me: oh my god i want a toxic relationship
Kenneth PolancoV2
Kenneth PolancoV2 2 days ago
Tyler look like a male Karen😂😂😂
Matías Gallardo C.
Matías Gallardo C. 2 days ago
is a mac demarco sample?
fedo Day ago
no he sampled "bound" by ponderosa twins plus one which is also the sample that kanye west used for bound 2
DoctorDictator 2 days ago
Shit is classy ty
Kyser Jamal
Kyser Jamal 3 days ago
This whole video looks like a Wes Anderson movie
dean faulhaber
dean faulhaber 3 days ago
Josue Canales
Josue Canales 3 days ago
Lmao idk but I like wolf better
Chiosaurus Rex
Chiosaurus Rex 3 days ago
nobody: the demons on devilman crybaby: 0:22 also can we admire how pretty that girl is like wtf 1:43
Muhanad Al-Nasser
Muhanad Al-Nasser 3 days ago
you're so Great And Young Mix every capital letter together
Doomer Jacob
Doomer Jacob 4 days ago
I don’t think Tyler’s gay, but actually Igor, just like how goblin is a killer etc
Lllaaalll 4 days ago
Idk why but that lil chord at 2:07 really does it for me tbh
Bored Potatoe
Bored Potatoe 4 days ago
How the Fuck is tyler pulling off this look like dam
suave seok
suave seok 4 days ago
No, don't shoot me down (yeah) No, don't shoot me down (okay) No, don't shoot me down You so motherfuckin' dangerous (you started with a mere hello) You so motherfuckin' dangerous You got me by my neck (a boy is a gun) That's why these other niggas lame to us 'Cause all these other niggas lame as fuck We show 'em no respect When the time's right, yeah When the time's right, baby When the time's right (a boy is a gun) (Turn me up a little bit) No, don't shoot me down Take your hoodie off, why you hide your face from me? Make your fuckin' mind up, I am sick of waitin' patiently How come you the best to me? I know you the worst for me Boy, you sweet as sugar, diabetic to the first degree My spidey sensies, got me on the fencies Whole squad in Ginza, travel bag by Balenci' Big dawg hittin' big wheelies on the six speed No, don't shoot me down You so motherfuckin' dangerous (you started with a mere hello) You so motherfuckin' dangerous You got me by my neck (a boy is a gun) That's why these other niggas lame to us 'Cause all these other niggas lame as fuck They showin' no respect When the time's right, yeah When the time's right, baby When the time's right (I said a boy is a gun) (Look) No, don't shoot me down Oh, you passive-aggressive? (You started with a mere hello) Oh, you fakin' you're mad? Oh, you wanna go home? Cool, you better call you a cab I ain't takin' you home, yeah, I'm brushin' you off 'Cause this parka is Comme, you're my favorite garçon Don't leave, stay right here, yeah, I want you right near (you started with a mere hello) You invited me to breakfast, why the fuck your ex here? Well, let's see if you 'round the God around this time next year No, don't shoot me down No, don't shoot me down (fucked up) No, don't shoot me down No, don't shoot me down You so motherfuckin' dangerous (you started with a mere hello) You so motherfuckin' dangerous You got me by my neck (a boy is a gun) That's why I start to think it's lame as fuck (Well, I'm here for you) When the time's right When the time's right, baby When the time's right (a boy is a gun) No, don't shoot me down you're a gun 'cause I like you on my side At all times Keep me safe (No, don't shoot me down) Wait, wait, depending on, you know (all the time) You could be dangerous to me (time, time) Or anyone else Look, they be bringin' us up (you started with a mere hello) Yeah, like now and again Give a fuck what they talkin' 'bout, I see you as a ten I'ma leave it at that, I'ma leave us as friends 'Cause the irony is I don't wanna see you again Stay the fuck away from me Stay the fuck away from me Stay the fuck away from me I ain't gon' repeat myself, but stay the fuck away from me No, don't shoot me down (You started with a mere hello) (A boy is a gun)
Treshawn Union
Treshawn Union 5 days ago
he needs to make an Igor film
yo kai
yo kai 5 days ago
Visuals on this is amazing
OldGerard 5 days ago
Did... did you get Stanley Kubrick to shoot this? No? Good lord this video and everything from Igor just absolutely DRIPS timeless quality. My gahd
Chunky Groove
Chunky Groove 6 days ago
Death in Venice.
earthwormtom93 6 days ago
Aw. Tyler 😢 x
John Wayne Lizardo
John Wayne Lizardo 7 days ago
Why would i shoot u though? Also im not dangerous
The King of Sting has 786,697,674 views
The King of Sting has 786,697,674 views 7 days ago
Can't wait until I go senile and forget everything. Then I can listen to this for the first time again
3:08 why his run so stiff
good shoes
good shoes 8 days ago
Those must be the types of white boys tyler likes 😳
Bhetto Bee
Bhetto Bee 8 days ago
he such a icon😌
Teddy 8 days ago
It's fine, he said no homo
1980s Retro
1980s Retro 9 days ago
Don't shoot me down
legoskeee 9 days ago
bros before hoes
youdontknowme 9 days ago
0:23 kinda looks like he is from Devilman Crybaby
Gustav Weichel
Gustav Weichel 9 days ago
I used this for a school project. Thanks Tyler ;)
yourlocalmum_marili 9 days ago
kinda wishing i was a white boy right now :(
bear 10 days ago
So tyler made igor gay?
Jug 10 days ago
was this shot on film? they did a good job in post if not. great video and song
Bnnetts 11 days ago
That’s dangerous
Trinidad Wolleter
Trinidad Wolleter 11 days ago
ぴぴ 12 days ago
Wow. This video is beautiful
Cha-Ori 12 days ago
Tyler is so AMAZING bro this song is absolute BEAUTY it’s such a good sample from “bound” bro my ears are literally having an orgasm hahaha
Juancho 0707
Juancho 0707 13 days ago
I feel like Igor as a whole album is just a counter to Flower Boy just by this song for example; "The irony is I don't wanna see you again" which I feel is a counter on See You Again but thats just me :/
brahim lamjid
brahim lamjid 13 days ago
im just learn how dumb asses people don’t support this art from Tyler 👁 Bro u are so amazing fr
Jasper Elzes
Jasper Elzes 13 days ago
Can somoene find a related filter on Snapchat the filter on this video is grape
我孤獨。ykm nani
我孤獨。ykm nani 13 days ago
there is no way tyler can be gay....nor can he be cancelled ....
Avery Spellman
Avery Spellman 14 days ago
He’s not gay cuz girls like guys and that’s gay so he dodged that bullet.
Ashley Guerrero figueroa
Ashley Guerrero figueroa 14 days ago
Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez 14 days ago
Amo la música de Tyler siempre me transporta a otros sitios
Stiinkie 15 days ago
bound 3
Ghosty 6
Ghosty 6 15 days ago
Fun fact: this is the same mansion in what by carti and uno
Alara 15 days ago
This whole album has tyler's best writing but I can't get over the "irony is I don't want to See You Again" line...
xLemon ☑️
xLemon ☑️ 15 days ago
Guys he’s just acting sus as a joke guys I swear
xLemon ☑️
xLemon ☑️ 8 days ago
GNAW FLOG yep i am
GNAW FLOG 9 days ago
I hope you joking
Daniella Charro
Daniella Charro 15 days ago
lol cardi b made her music video here a few years back
Herbaux Celeste
Herbaux Celeste 15 days ago
Wes anderson x Gianni Versace x Hip hop culture = this
cringe 15 days ago
I would love to see a tyler directed mo ie
Timber708 16 days ago
This album hits different now that I’m older
WJD7119 16 days ago
How many times this fool leave and come back?
Tim lope Lope
Tim lope Lope 16 days ago
Não não gostei não
my fortnite username is dak _ Romo 49 add me
my fortnite username is dak _ Romo 49 add me 16 days ago
He's not gay but he likes boys I break it to you guys going James Charles Rivergate
Boardscientest 16 days ago
i used to play the hell out of this song in 7th grade
Alishan Murtazaev
Alishan Murtazaev 17 days ago
This is true Gucci commercial
whomyols 18 days ago
this song is a fucking vibe
Goten HypeFlex.
Goten HypeFlex. 19 days ago
Y'all worried about the wrong thing, this song fire fuck yo prefence
Milk Tea
Milk Tea 19 days ago
I rlly like Tyler’s aesthetic
Family Account
Family Account 19 days ago
when he said 'why you hide your face from me' i felt that because I never turn my camera on during a zoom call
txofu e
txofu e 20 days ago
who the guy in the video next to tyler at 0:33
Angela Ferrer
Angela Ferrer 20 days ago
I'm always available tyler
Synester Gates
Synester Gates 20 days ago
The beats of this album be the reason alone why this is Tyler's best album . too much creativity and heart
_iiamsydney 20 days ago
tyler the creator is my boyfriend :)
Ron Don Scorcho
Ron Don Scorcho 20 days ago
Such a heavy song, this music video gives me goosebumps.
ItzJolie !!
ItzJolie !! 21 day ago
guys..he’s not gay.. he’s bi 🥳
Caitlyn Shepherd
Caitlyn Shepherd 21 day ago
I wish Tyler would adopt me.
psychokitty444 21 day ago
In less than 4 minutes, this is a better, more nuanced and more bittersweet love story than Call Me By Your Name. There. I said it.
psychokitty444 12 days ago
@Gerardy Monroy The gist is similar but it's more succinct, emotional and less pretentious.
Gerardy Monroy
Gerardy Monroy 12 days ago
Isnt this actually an exact representation of Call Me By Your Name? When it comes to the part of the guy leaving the other guy for a girl.
kira light
kira light 21 day ago
Who is the name of the girl in this video?
B B C 21 day ago
im a Ar15
Cax alien
Cax alien 22 days ago
Can’t believe I just realized what this song is about lol I’ve never even watched the video until today
Nury Melania Ramirez Vergara
Nury Melania Ramirez Vergara 22 days ago
Call me by your name who?
letise 23 days ago
Can tyler and kanye have one original beat bruh
Summertime 24 days ago
What’s really bout these days is times were many people are just copy video by video like here’s what’s up Logic: homicide music video Drake: popstar music video Tyler the creator: boy is a gun music video Amine: Compensating music video Here’s the breakdown: So logic and drake well first is that Logic made a video of a buddy double of Calling in another person to make it as a Pretend logic but different person with Looking like him kinda of and that Same to drakes one we’re he does same edits like he in the studio and watching DJ Khaled on face time on his iPhone And use Justin Bieber as a pretend him Second of the bat is Tyler the creator and amine: So as Tyler has 90s edit and makes it as old school and has a 80s or 90s vibe And looks like he’s in a mansion and Old school and has a rich vibe and bath tube and tennis courts here’s what’s bother me is that amine used the same Edit and also playing in the tennis courts As Tyler was and also the house looks the same and that I think amine copycat Tyler’s music video if you don’t get what I mean we’ll check out logic and drake music video -Homicide -pop star Also check out -boy is a gun -compensating Music video You will understand what I’m saying
24 days ago
His style got me wanting to dump out my whole closet
buster b
buster b 24 days ago
Every frame of this music video is so visually pleasing
buster b
buster b 24 days ago
Tyler: says his boyfriend is dangerous to him Also tyler: is the one threatening to shoot his boyfriend and his ex
sevo2121 24 days ago
could he want to kill Igor the whole time, is that why he’s following him around but never making eye Contact because he’s always in his mind until he finally pulls the trigger and Igor and the guy finally part ways
thiago 24 days ago
00:15 well, we see four tylers at video
sa m
sa m 25 days ago
1:56 this shot along with that part of the song is literally perfection👌
survivor turnover
survivor turnover 25 days ago
Diego Sánchez Piñón
Diego Sánchez Piñón 25 days ago
this looks like the first fucking mission in Hitman lol
س 25 days ago
"IGOR: The Movie". This needs to happen.
garrafa pete
garrafa pete 26 days ago
me with 5 years old: mom i want a dad mom: we have a dad at home dad at home: 2:57
Ari 26 days ago
I want that fucking tile from the bathroom
A Guitar
A Guitar 26 days ago
Anyone noticed how in the end the guy turned into a girl
vante.ゴッホ 25 days ago
I was thinking the same thing, maybe is a bisexual sign
lcas 26 days ago
fuck dude i love this song :]
Marshall Nelson
Marshall Nelson 27 days ago
Be accepting. Music is art. Interpret the art how you like, because the art is made for people to see and connect with.
ph-breeze 27 days ago
i fw skateboard tyler more :(
NION DOES ART 21 day ago
Then u aint a real one
Gabriel Gittens
Gabriel Gittens 27 days ago
Whole album was just a watered down Cherry Bomb.
4reelvids 27 days ago
You know Ty keep the combat shotgun from fortnite
Shonen IG
Shonen IG 28 days ago
this the same mansion that playboi carti recorded WHAT in
Air Ball
Air Ball 28 days ago
How come you the best to me I know you the worst for me
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