I AM THE GRINCH featuring Fletcher Jones

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Tyler, The Creator

Year ago

littlerob Rojas
littlerob Rojas Day ago
never knew he sang this song till i saw this video
gabby v
gabby v 5 days ago
Probably the only song I’ll listen on Christmas
Soper Sketches
Soper Sketches 6 days ago
Lowkey, this sounds like Christmas Igor
SKYRULE-49 14 days ago
25 25 25 25 25 days in the month 25 days is enough where I don't give a (Wait a minute). Lyric is Catchy as (Wait a minute)
First name Last name
First name Last name 15 days ago
when the sound track is 100x better than the movie
jessica downes
jessica downes 16 days ago
this song fucking slaps😭
Cherry 17 days ago
2:00 sound familiar?
•Lazy _Gamer•
•Lazy _Gamer• 19 days ago
At my dance school we are dancing to this lol
Shayne Keena
Shayne Keena 23 days ago
greatest tyler song ever made
Josepablo Polanco
Josepablo Polanco 24 days ago
Pietro Marangoni
Pietro Marangoni 25 days ago
R3ckless Bling
R3ckless Bling 26 days ago
Pls subscribe to me please💮
amanicherie 28 days ago
*25 25 25 25 25 days in a month*
MexiZen Month ago
who got tyler to make the soundtrack? i just wanna hug them.
Mustafa Boone
Mustafa Boone Month ago
Is it me or is grinch my fav Christmas movie now
Mustafa Boone
Mustafa Boone 22 days ago
Same like where could he be
reign scott
reign scott 22 days ago
@Mustafa Boone i haven't heard anything new from him
Mustafa Boone
Mustafa Boone 23 days ago
@reign scott i think 🤔😂😂😂
reign scott
reign scott Month ago
Does tyler still make music
Nick Millo
Nick Millo Month ago
Nobody The Grinch: *Ayo*
GottaLook2wice Month ago
this sounds like a deleted song from flower boy lmao
3fxz Month ago
I remember watching the Grinch and this came up in the credits and I was like wtf is that tyler
Amir Rashed
Amir Rashed Month ago
Carlos Gabriel Gatapia
Carlos Gabriel Gatapia Month ago
another christmassss, I love you Tyler
FR4UDULENT ! Month ago
Am I the only one that was introduced to Tyler by this song? Yes? Okay
David Atteberry
David Atteberry Month ago
Naw fam this is what introduced me too
「Veภdeττส」 Month ago
2:15 So nobody's gonna talk about how it actually sounds like he's ridin' and ridin' and ridin' around?
Noah Langen
Noah Langen Month ago
Who be listening to this in August?
Abby Ortiz
Abby Ortiz Month ago
2:04 can't stop replaying this
Wahyu Murti Cahyo Putro
Wahyu Murti Cahyo Putro Month ago
Who is Fletcher Jones? I cant find information about her on internet
Abby Ortiz
Abby Ortiz Month ago
same here i can't find anything :/
Atlas Month ago
buen tema igual
Don Cervantes
Don Cervantes Month ago
The movie is a shit.........but the song is great.
hailey torres
hailey torres Month ago
Only Christmas song I’m gonna listen to in winter 😼
Axel studios
Axel studios Month ago
tyler on a kids movie great👍👍👌
Minecraft Fishing Rod
Minecraft Fishing Rod 2 months ago
Everytime he said "i got coffee in my cup" i heard "i got gokf in my cup"
TRUNKS GAMER 2 months ago
Monky 2 months ago
Mfs out hear surprised to hear him clean like they never watched that one regular show episode
Agustin Arias Vargas
Agustin Arias Vargas 2 months ago
This has IGOR vibes
Nathan Survell
Nathan Survell 2 months ago
nobody will agree with this similarly to how I say Black Panther Soundtrack and DAMN. over tpab but same here I really just like the songs inspired by the grinch over Igor a tiny bit (little more cheery instrumentals)
Sashenka Salas
Sashenka Salas 2 months ago
raymnod 2 months ago
all the 9 to 12 year olds in the comments with car pfps “yooo this is gucci 🔥”
موسى رحيم
موسى رحيم 2 months ago
Mel _
Mel _ 2 months ago
I just now heard the "eyes on" in the background
FREDER FF 2 months ago
Acá está el comentario en español que andabas buscando :3
Killerb209 *_*
Killerb209 *_* 2 months ago
Listen to it on playback speed 2x
Mk 2 months ago
Do y'all know Tyler has been on Regular show
3fxz Month ago
yeah tyler is everywhere
Mk 2 months ago
@Cade Neosporin Rebuild Yh that
Cade Neosporin Rebuild
Cade Neosporin Rebuild 2 months ago
Rap it up
Brucegotnuked 2 months ago
Too bad this movie kinda sucked.
vale’s corner
vale’s corner 2 months ago
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 2 months ago
noah bailon
noah bailon 2 months ago
ok can we just talk about how lovely fletcher jones voice is in this
Nivlac051 2 months ago
Smooth and crunchy. Straight up.
Tyler The Creator
Tyler The Creator 2 months ago
1:19 almost caught him slippin
Sɪʟᴇɴᴄᴇ - Kᴜɴ
Sɪʟᴇɴᴄᴇ - Kᴜɴ 2 months ago
2020 And this is still bangin!
Tacita 2 months ago
Sucks thats pretty much everything new kids animated movie now has to have some like remix/rap of the movie :( what ever Happen to having smash mouth at the end
Johnny Metcalf
Johnny Metcalf 2 months ago
for a man who wrote a album named bastard and talked about R*ping someone then to making a kids songs is 0-100 real quick lmao
Mr. Crab 愛
Mr. Crab 愛 2 months ago
I am so obsessed with this wonderful song ♡︎♡︎
Max Thrash
Max Thrash 2 months ago
*this song hard and i NEVER even seen the cartoon version 😤*
noah bailon
noah bailon 2 months ago
Walter Lawrence
Walter Lawrence 2 months ago
How come I can’t find songs of fletcher jones ?
noah bailon
noah bailon 2 months ago
ikr im trying to find some
Legionary 2 months ago
This would be better if it went with a good movie
Wendaly Rodríguez
Wendaly Rodríguez 3 months ago
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Vsnvufr Hdgdfyy
Vsnvufr Hdgdfyy 3 months ago
WHAT A BOP. I'm literally listening to this during the summer😂
noah bailon
noah bailon 2 months ago
same 😂
Specimen X
Specimen X 3 months ago
The movie is awfully boring and average but the trailer with this song had me sold that it was actually going to be good
25k chvr
25k chvr 3 months ago
Jughand 3 months ago
I just hope you have a merry christmas yaayaayaaa
Issy Harris
Issy Harris 3 months ago
i’m so glad they picked him to do this 😌😌
Rosa Vega
Rosa Vega 3 months ago
If it for kids why is there a bad word that says I dont give a sh** srry but true
3fxz Month ago
ooh no my little babwies are gonna hear a potty word!!!
Rosa Vega
Rosa Vega Month ago
I do but it makes kids say that word just I dont give a... that's why
- Mtv -
- Mtv - Month ago
It says I don't give a, wait a minute! Look up lyrics if you don't believe me
Rosa Vega
Rosa Vega Month ago
But it says the words
- Mtv -
- Mtv - Month ago
It doesn't say the actual word
Babiii.6 3 months ago
CO2000A_A 3 months ago
This is pretty good
Nation 3 months ago
My penis is nutting
Sethy Jean-Pierre
Sethy Jean-Pierre 3 months ago
Salami 3 months ago
Fun fact: this was one of my first Tyler songs
Stretchy boi22
Stretchy boi22 3 months ago
GardenJHR 3 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks this beat went way to hard for a Christmas song
Miranda Lee
Miranda Lee 3 months ago
I love this song this movie was so cute Show me some love
K J 4 months ago
How you gonna make a bop about the grinch nigga ?!?!?!??!
Anosys 4 months ago
this song unironically makes me happy waht the uf cklamo
Raul Avila
Raul Avila 4 months ago
Low-key this is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jaydon Jarrett
Jaydon Jarrett 4 months ago
If dude mske his own beats he great
Nolan Greenwald
Nolan Greenwald 4 months ago
he does.
Dayvion Carter
Dayvion Carter 4 months ago
1:57 & 2:23
AzeTunez 4 months ago
i love this song
paco 4 months ago
25 days in a month twenty five days aint enough why i dont give a w a i t a m i n u t e
anonymous 4 months ago
Too bad the actual movie is shit
Shoug 4 months ago
I underestimated Dr. Seuss' The Grinch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) WOW
medscout z
medscout z 4 months ago
The movie sucks but the song is Gucci.
Swarley751 4 months ago
Damn this slaps actually
LC CTTN 4 months ago
0:13 but aren’t you asthmatic Tyler?
Saruki Kawishi-chan
Saruki Kawishi-chan 5 months ago
stillapiece ofgarbage
stillapiece ofgarbage 5 months ago
I remember I watched this movie like a good 1 week before I started listening to Tyler and when I heard the music I lowkey liked it but didnt want to say anything cuz it was a kids movie-
Axtay 5 months ago
This is a real ass Tyler song, like there's no fucking around, no change in style, the man got asked for a soundtrack and he just made a song in his style about the grinch
KaylaSuxxs 5 months ago
yo that 'wait a minute' sent me
Smart kid.
Smart kid. 5 months ago
My school did this movie for our movie night!
Kimoka Records
Kimoka Records 5 months ago
It somehow fits in the movie just this style of tyler
Yoshi Gaming
Yoshi Gaming 5 months ago
シAri 5 months ago
You can hear him trying not to curse cause it's a kids movie 💀💀
Lorenzo Agababyan
Lorenzo Agababyan 5 months ago
they censored a curse word🤬 2 times
Мёрфи Бэскеров
Мёрфи Бэскеров 5 months ago
💚💚💚💚💚 👍
morgen 5 months ago
Sam R.
Sam R. 5 months ago
Imagine a kid listening to this song and liking Tyler so they go listen to Yonkers
memes and Games
memes and Games 5 months ago
Wtf this is fire 😂 imagine this beat to more Igor like lyrics
leticiα! 5 months ago
this is how i'll introduce Tyler to my kids, in the most friendly way.
Khloe Deaton
Khloe Deaton 12 days ago
i was thinking the same thing...
uzi without the vert
uzi without the vert Month ago
@Abstract meme Corp or goblin💀
Watxhy Month ago
3fxz then wolf, pigs mainly
3fxz Month ago
@Abstract meme Corpno no no bastard first then this then igor
Abstract meme Corp
Abstract meme Corp Month ago
Then they hear bastard
F 1
F 1 5 months ago
Who the mall
IceboundLeek061 5 months ago
Okay but like again another song that I haven’t stopped listening too AND THIS ONE IS MADE FOR A KIDS CHRISTMAS MOVIE
Elvis Pablo
Elvis Pablo 5 months ago
How come this ant make the album?
gabbyg543 5 months ago
Unpopular opinion: This is better than You're a Mean One, Mister Grinch
metropolistic Month ago
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez Month ago
The film version of You're A Mean One is arguably as good as I am The Grinch
3fxz Month ago
you're a mean one, mister grinch fucking sucks
David Atteberry
David Atteberry Month ago
Better than the one on this album for sure, the original is better imo
Wizard Pooypants
Wizard Pooypants 2 months ago
I agree
Lisa Zahradnicek
Lisa Zahradnicek 6 months ago
I love this soing and I so this move on Christmas Eve
fakie 360 fs
fakie 360 fs 6 months ago
your next album better sound like this in 2021
Bigboi 360
Bigboi 360 5 months ago
No it should sound more like flower boy because thats his best album
mattress 6 months ago
Brought to you by the guy who made Bastard.
SmileyGamerYT 6 months ago
Vincent Valenzuela
Vincent Valenzuela 6 months ago
The kids that listen to this wont realise what songs that came before this **ahem** Colussus
- Mtv -
- Mtv - Month ago
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